The Fantabulous Game is an upcoming 3D platformerby Mr. Fantabulouso. It is considered the spiritual successor to Le Fantabulous Game and almost to be a reboot of sorts. It is set to be in third person, and take itself a little more seriously than the first game. Currently, little is known about the game except for some development screenshots, progress videos, and planned features.

Planned Features Edit

The Game is set to feature a number of returning features as well as new ones.

Characters Edit

  • Capboy is confirmed to remain the main protagonist and playable character, and is to have new abilities rather than relying solely on Spherefriends for attacks.
  • A Doppelganger to Capboy known as Boycap is set to be a reoccurring and final boss of the game.
  • Friendwoman is to be redesigned into a character called Capgirl, and is meant to be Capboy's partner and love interest. she may also have a larger role in the game.
  • Shamrocks are still set to be prominent enemies.
  • All three bosses, Sign Man, S.H.A.M. 5000 and Shamrock King, are set to return.

Locations Edit

Circle "Friend" Fightyplace, Signville U.S.S.R., Shamrock Prison, and Castle du Shamrock are all set to return as updated and rebooted versions of themselves. Interestingly, Home Sausage and Fantabula are not set to return "as their own levels". Flying Castle and Intro Area are also set to return, however they are going to be rebooted and redesigned to the point of almost not being able to be recognized.

Terrain Edit

TFG is to feature a number of Terrain affects that affect Capboy when standing on them.

  • Ice- Causes Capboy's movement to carry strongly and uncontrollably (as one would expect).
  • Mud- Cuts Capboy's movement speed in half (this may be updated to do more).
  • Eggs- Warp Capboy's vision, but differently from LFG, trhis is now done through camera warp and tint effects rather than field-of-view effects.

Trivia Edit

  • Though the Fantabula is not set to reappear in TFG, the Egg Terrain is confirmed to return with an updated camera effect.

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