Sign Man (not to be confused with Mansign) is a boss found in Le Fantabulous Game within the Signville U.S.S.R. area. Much like Mansign, Sign Man's body is composed completely of Signs, Unlike Mansign, however, Sign Man's face had some kind of red liquid smeared on it (presumably intended to be blood) and his legs are simply sticks, with a sign intended to represent his pelvis.

Buildup Edit

Upon reaching the end of a platforming section in Signville U.S.S.R., a Purple Spherefriend says that he is visiting from Fightyplace and managed to get this far, but warns you not to jump down, as he is afraid of Sausage Signs. If the player jumps on to the seemingly empty sign below, Capboy will simply phase through it on to another sign below it, and Mansign's laugh can be heard. This second platform is littered with Signs that have Faces drawn on them. The only way to exit the platform unharmed is through a Home Sausage warp. This warp, however, proves to be a fake, as when Capboy jumps through it, Mansign laughs and Capboy is instead transported to an enclosed platform walled off by giant Sausage signs. Following the arrows on the signs will lead the player to an enclosed, roofed area littered with Sausages. As soon as Capboy enters range to retrieve the Sausages, the exit is sealed, the sausages disappear, and Mansign laughs and appears in the center of the room. In one final twist, Mansign is crushed by Sign Man, who drops from the ceiling and laughs, initiating the Boss Fight.

In Combat Edit

The fight with Sign Man is split in to two phases, transitioning to the second phase when he is at half health (after approximately eight hits). Throughout both phases, Sign Man's movement and attack speed will increase every time he takes a hit (making him faster than Capboy when he is one hit from dying or one hit from changing phases). However, damage from Sign Man's melee attacks can be negated by jumping with proper timing.

In the first phase, Sign Man walks toward Capboy, bending backward and slamming the ground when he is close enough to attack. As stated earlier, every time he takes a hit, he will move and attack faster than before. Capboy must damage him by shooting Sign Man's chest with the Yellow Sphere Orb. When he reaches half health, Sign Man will wail in pain, before destroying the bottom of the arena and dropping himself and Capboy into a hellish island area. Recovering from his fall, Sign Man loses an arm. This begins the second phase.

In phase two, Sign Man will cover his chest when he is not attacking, greatly reducing Capboy's attack window. Sign Man will begin throwing Red Spheres that explode on contact with the ground as well. Damage from these is not negated by jumping. Sign Man also adapts hit melee attack to a sideways scoop. Capboy must continue throw Yellow Spheres at Sign Man's chest with proper timing. When his health hits zero, Sign Man wails in pain yet again and falls to the ground, changing into Spherefriend Red.

Trivia Edit

  • Sign Man's laugh is just a slowed down version of Mansign's.
    • Additionally, Mansign's laugh is the laugh of the Poes from The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time.
  • The music during Sign Man's boss fight is "Enmity of the Dark Lord" from The Binding of Isaac.
  • It is possible that the writer of this article is an idiot and Mansign and Sign Man are the same entity.
  • In Circle "Friend" Fightyplace, there is a Spherefriend who warns Capboy that the Shamrocks have a secret weapon that is weak to the "essence of sign" and that Capboy should explore Signville before challenging the King. The Secret Weapon this Spherefriend is referring to is S.H.A.M. 5000, and he is hinting that the weapon you recieve from Spherefriend Red is the key to defeating it.

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