The Shamrocks are a race of creatures that seem to simply be green Spherefriends, the only true difference being that they make Cow sounds instead of Sheep sounds. Despite this, they are apparently at war with the Spherefriends. Though some are harmless NPCs with simple dialogue, many are Shamrock Soldiers. These Soldiers wear armor covered in spikes.

In Combat Edit

When Capboy gets close enough to a Shamrock Soldier, it will begin to move toward Capboy. Once the Shamrock has locked on to Capboy, it will continually pursue him. When the Shamrock is close enough to Capboy, it will stop, spin, and unleash its charging attack and "Moo". If hit by this charge, Capboy will take 1 heart of damage. To defeat them, Capboy must throw Spherefriend Yellow at the Capboy four times. After the first three hits, the Shamrock will lose its armor, making it little more than an annoyance.

NPCs Edit

Throughout LFG, many Shamrocks act as NPCs.

Circle "Friend" Fightyplace Edit

Trivia Edit


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