The Shamrock King is the main antagonist and final boss of Le Fantabulous Game. He is the Monarch of the Shamrock people and is apparently a ruthless tyrant. He appears in Catle du Shamrock after entering a vortex. He is a large Shamrock with arms and legs as well as large tusk-like teeth. He wears a crown and wields a large club.

Buildup Edit

In Castle du Shamrock, there is a purple vortex one one of the walls on the second floor. A Friendrobot standing in front of it will warn Capboy that he cannot return from the vortex until the King is dead. Upon entering, Capboy is dropped into a small chamber with a platform in front of him. Stepping on to the platform causes it to rise into a rainy arena with the Shamrock King. When he sees Capboy arrive, he stands up, adjusts his crown, and lets out a hearty "Moo". The final battle begins.

In Combat Edit

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The Shamrock King is by far the most difficult challenge Le Fantabulous Gamehas to offer. During the fight, King Shamrock will constantly pursue Capboy and let out a non-stop barrage of one of his many attacks, such as the following.
  • The Shamrock King raises and then winds up his club, unleashing a spinning attack that seeks out Capboy. This attack gets slower as it persists.
  • The Shamrock King sweeps his club in front of him twice, before slamming the ground with it.
  • The Shamrock King raises his club over his head, and then jumps at Capboy slamming the ground with his club.
  • The Shamrock King squats to attack Capboy when he is beneath him.
  • The Shamrock King bounds high into the air, slamming the ground and emitting a shockwave.
  • The Shamrock King reaches behind him and thrown a large egg at Capboy.
  • The Shamrock King reaches behind him and throws a Shamrock covered in explosives. This Shamrock behaves just like others in the game. After Hitting Capboy, behind hit once, or timing out, this Shamrock will emit a massive explosion.

To damage The Shamrock King, Capboy must throw Spherefriend Yellow into the King's weak point, his rear end. The Shamrock King must know his own weakness, as he keeps his backside concealed throughout most of the battle. However, during his lunging and spinning attacks, there are windows where his rear end is left vulnerable. When the King reaches half health, he lets out another hearty "Moo" and the torches surrounding the arena go out. This make Spherefriend Orange particularly useful here.

Trivia Edit

  • The Shamrock King is the only boss in LFG whose attacks do not become enhanced halfway through the fight.
  • The Shamrock King, along with the Bosses, is confirmed to appear in The Fantabulous Game.

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