S.H.A.M. 5000 (or SHAM5K) is a boss in the Shamrock Prison area of Le Fantabulous Game. It is a red, mechanical Shamrock armed with a spike on its head and dual rocket turbines equipped with missiles.

Buildup Edit

Upon reaching the top of Shamrock Prison, a bridge can be seen in the distance, presumably leading to safety, or to Castle du Shamrock. When Capboy begins to approach the bridge, walls of spears surround Capboy around the edges of the prison roof. While Capboy is trapped here, SHAM5K appears and begins the Boss Fight.

In Combat Edit

SHAM5K will always begin the battle by rising up from below the prison and quickly flying over the battlefield before returning to his position away from it. SHAM5K will remain hovering at this location during most of his attacks, where it cannot be hit.. It takes large amounts of damage when hit with Spherefriend Red.

SHAM5K has 4 attacks, all of which are enhanced when SHAM5K reaches half health.

  • SHAM5K's eye's glow, and two laser blasts cross from its eyes in front of it, This cross will then project to the back of the battlefield in a straight line. At full health this attack is used twice, and four times after half health.
  • SHAM5K begins slowly firing missiles one at a time from the turbines that then fall into the battlefield and seek out Capboy until they time out or are hit with something. At half health, more missiles are fired, and their speed increases.
  • SHAM5K begins spinning and firing a missile barrage into the air, which then rains down on the battlefield. Their impact points are marked by X's on the ground. At half health, more missiles are fired and they fall faster.
  • SHAM5K hovers to the side of the battlefield and then focuses a laser cross that moves back and fourth in front on itself as it flies over the battlefield. It is during this point that Capboy is able to attack it. At half Health, the lasers move quicker.

To defeat it, Capboy must aim a Spherefriend at the part that connects the turbine to the body during the Fly-by attack.. After done enough times, Spherefriend will malfunction, explode, and crash. When Capboy inspects it afterward, however, SHAM5K's eyes light up and it self-destructs, launching Capboy all the way to Castle du Shamrock.

Trivia Edit

  • In Circle "Friend" Fightyplace, there is a Spherefriend who warns Capboy that the Shamrocks have a secret weapon that is weak to the "essence of sign" and that Capboy should explore Signville before challenging the King. The Secret Weapon this Spherefriend is referring to is S.H.A.M. 5000, and he is hinting that the weapon you receive from Spherefriend Red is the key to defeating it.
  • The music that plays during the fight is the Super Smash Bros Brawl remix of The Revenge of Meta-Knight.
  • S.H.A.M. 5000, along with the other Bosses, is confirmed to appear in The Fantabulous Game.
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