Mansign (not to be confused with Sign Man) is a reoccurring, seemingly antagonistic, NPC in Le Fantabulous Game. He appears in many places throughout the game and hinders Capboy, though he is little more than an annoyance. His body is composed entirely of signs, with a face painted on the sign that represents his head.

Behavior Edit

Mansign has no dialogue and can never directly be seen moving. Mansign will always remain completely still, however his head will turn to face Capboy when you are not facing him. The only exception to this is in the Shamrock Prison, where his head faces you regardless of whether or not you face him.

Appearances Edit

  • Mansign first appears in the Intro Area where he is standing in front of a sausage. After Capboy obtains the Sausage and leaves the area, Mansign laughs and disappears, and it is likely his work that causes him to fall into Home Sausage.
  • Mansign appears a second time in Signville U.S.S.R. next to a Purple Spherefriend in the area before obtaining Spherefriend Yellow.
  • Mansign's third appearance is right before the Sign Man boss fight. Mansign is crushed by Sign Man after Capboy falls for his Sausage trap.
  • Mansign's fourth and final appearance occurs in the Shamrock Prison, in which he is in pieces inside of one of the cells. Upon walking away from the cell, Mansign laughs and disappears, leaving the words "We Rise" written on the wall of his cell.

Trivia Edit

  • Mansign's laugh is the Poe's laugh from Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time.
    • Additionally, Sign Man's laugh is a slowed down version of Mansign's.
  • It is possible that the writer of this article is an idiot and Mansign and Sign Man are the same entity.

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