Home Sausage is the central hub area of Le Fantabulous Game. It connects all of the main areas of the game, those being Circle "Friend Fightyplace, Signville U.S.S.R., The Fantabula, and, once Capboy first makes it there, Castle du Shamrock. This is also the location of Friendwoman, an NPC with no dialogue who can fully heal Capboy.

Trivia Edit

  • This is presumably where all the Sausages Capboy collects go, as they can be seen floating everywhere.
  • Capboy always enters Home Sausage by falling.
  • If the player looks up as Capboy is falling into Home Sausage, when Capboy enters the actual skybox from out of the black void, a strange image of a Garry's Mod character can be seen with an odd smile (likely because the face poser was used on this character).

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