The Fantabula is a location in Le Fantabulous Game. It stands out from the other area because there is no immediate danger in the area. Spherefriends can be found in this area. Egg Terrain is found here, which will flip Capboy's field-of-view upside-down, as well as change the background and zoom out. Interestingly, many of the Spherefriends found in the Fantabula are orange with seemingly bloodshot eyes. It is implied that these Spherefriends are being corrupted by the eggs in this area.


Sausages Edit

  1. There is a spinning block with a "Swag Shrek" pasted on it. Hitting it with Spherefriend yellow will cause it to slow. Cross it to receive a sausage.
  2. Next to the Swag Shrek is a diagonal stretch of egg terrain. Most of this is balance beam sections. A sausage lies at the top.

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