Circle "Friend" Fightyplace is a location in Le Fantabulous Game. It is the home of many Spherefriends and also seems to be a battlefield in the war between the Spherefriends and Shamrocks. There are 4 Shamrocks lurking about.

Sausages Edit

Upon entering Fighyplace, Spherefriend Yellow will be waiting for Capboy above a grinder. after pushing him in, he come out in weapon form. take it to obtain you first weapon.


This area holds 3 Sausages.

  1. After obtaining Spherefriend Yellow, shoot the yellow square next to Steven Seagull. Steven Seagull should transform into a a bridge. Cross the bridge and stay in the elevated area. Following the one-way path should lead Capboy to a small platforming area with a sausage at the end.
  2. Toward the right of the Mountain in the middle of the area, there is a thick forest built like a maze. A sausage is hidden in the maze.
  3. About halfway up the mountain, there is a sausage.

Trivia Edit

  • If you jump in to the grinder, the music will temporarily speed up just like it did when Spherefriend yellow fell in.
  • Attempting to enter the cannon on the top of the mountain after defeating S.H.A.M. 5000 will cause a Spherefriend to appear who reveals that he smashed the cannon to bits after you "kingkilled", and that you should wait for the next update to revisit the Prison. This is ironic because Le Fantabulous Game is considered now to be complete, and the Spherefriend shows up after defeating Sham5k and NOT The Shamrock King.

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